Partnership with UPWIT

In 2017, Coletivo Mola and UPWIT – Unlocking the Power of Women in Technology – promoted a series of workshops using concepts of human-centred design, co-creation, and creative collaboration. The partnership aimed to promote and generate ideas for improving inclusion and equality in various areas, like urban environments, technology, and leadership.

Together, Colectivo Mola and UPWIT promoted three workshops:

Design for all

December 2016

A full-day workshop performed at Samsung Ocean space, where we aimed to explore and analyse businesses and their mobile applications from a diversity and inclusion perspective. During the workshop, the participants could learn and discuss aspects of human-centred design, resulting in an analysis of each app and a series of suggestions for improvements.

Cities for everyone

February 2017

Full-day workshop performed at Red Bull Station. The first part was dedicated to a discussion panel about inequalities in urban environments. In the second part, the participants could discuss, explore and debate alternatives for improving inclusion within cities. 

Women Leaders in Technology

June 2017

Full-day workshop performed at Cubo Itaú Co-working. The workshop gathered about 60 women that worked in technology, and they could debate the struggles of women in the field. The results of this workshop were compiled in the ebook “Leading women in technology: how to promote gender equity and retain talent in companies”.

Ebook Leading Women in Technology (Portuguese). Download at UPWIT.