Learn more about our long-term projects:

In partnership with the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC – SP), Coletivo Mola offered UX Design and Design Thinking extension courses. Read more about the partnership.

Coletivo Mola and UPWIT – Unlocking the Power of Women in Technology – promoted a series of workshops using concepts of human-centred design, co-creation, and creative collaboration. Read more about the partnership.

In partnership with UPWIT, Coletivo Mola created a program to empower women in the tech field. Read more about the project.

Adus Institute is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose goal is to help refugees that come to Brazil. Coletivo Mola facilitated a project to improve communication and increase donations. Read more about the project.

The project “What do you wish to eat?” was carried out in partnership with Ricerca Innovation in Processes and Products. The project aimed to understand how people choose what type of food they eat, especially between meals. Based on this information, the goal was to elaborate product development suggestions. Read more about the project.