Deevas of Technology

In partnership with UPWIT, we created a program to empower women in the tech field in various aspects.

The project aimed to provide guidance and mentorship to women who work or intend to work in the technology field and partner with companies to offer opportunities for them starting in the area.

Catho job search portal sponsored the Deevas program. Catho is part of the Seek group, the world leader in online recruitment.

Addressed spheres within the workshops

During the program, we promoted three workshops:

Female Leadership

August 2017

The workshop discussed subjects such as impostor syndrome, self-confidence, and the discouraging environments and incentives for becoming a female leader. 

How communication affects your bank account

September 2017

Communication is fundamental to establishing human relations, and it is no different within companies and businesses.

Assertive Feedback

November 2017

The workshop focused on feedback tips, techniques, and the practice of how to deliver encouraging and positive feedback.