Adus Institute

Adus Institute is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) whose goal is to help refugees that come to Brazil. They offer different services to immigrants like legal advice, documentation, Portuguese classes, community events, and job search, among others. The website is a starting point where people can find the offered services and how to contact the organisation. The website also provides information about collaborating with the organisation and institutional information.

The organisation had the goal to deliver information to their different users according to their needs. Still, the information architecture of the website was unclear in many areas, hampering access to information. Among the problems, labels reflecting the internal organisation and a structure familiar only to collaborators were barriers to the external users.

1. Discovery workshops

The initial phase entailed workshops to understand the organisation’s structure, values, relevant goals, and main pain points.

2. Investigation and mapping

After the initial discovery, we opened the investigation by interviewing the organisation’s collaborators to listen to different perspectives. The interviews helped refine the service journey and deepen our understanding of the pain points.

3. Co-creation workshop

The last part of the project was a workshop with about 30 collaborators where we co-created ideas to increase the number of donations. The ideas were made tangible into improvements in the organisation’s website.