Our story

Coletivo Mola was created by Matina Moreira, Luciana Terceiro and Natalí Garcia.

In 2015, Natalí Garcia started the Design Thinking for Startups meetup. This group gathered more than 7,000 participants on the Meetup.com platform. The initiative aimed to share and promote design practices and tools among business owners, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Luciana Terceiro joined the endeavour in the third meetup promoted in October 2015, and Matina Moreira joined right after. Together, the three of them evolved the idea into the Coletivo Mola.

Matina, Luciana, and Natalí, at the Virada Tecnológica workshop (December 2015)

The organisation was active between 2016 and 2017. During this period, the collective promoted:

  • Independent workshops organised by the collective,
  • Workshops and talks at events and conferences organised by third parties,
  • In-company workshops.